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  • Education Section High Performance Computing (HPC) is a widely used platform found in many businesses. NSG can help you understand HPC and how it would benefit your company. more
  • Engineering Solutions Product design, testing and analysis utilize HPC systems. NSG can design a HPC solution that meets your engineering needs. more
  • Oil & Gas Solutions Oil and Gas companies use HPC systems to help them find new oil and gas reserves and estimate profitability of a discovery. NSG can work with your company to design an HPC solution for your oil and gas application. more
  • Finance Solutions HPC systems play a major role in financial decision making, such as stock transactions and risk estimations. NSG can design a HPC solution for your financial application. more
NordStar HPC works with companies to design and install high performance computing solutions. We offer systems from as small as 2 nodes up to your largest configurations. We work with you to design a solution, install the system and provide support after the installation.