Computer Aided Engineering

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)

Computer Aided Engineering
Engineering and manufacturing companies are utilizing CAE software to give them a competitive advantage in the market place. High performance clusters are giving power to organizations to work on even larger simulations and scenarios. Engineers can use millions of degrees of freedom (DOFs) to evaluate different designs and conditions. This analysis helps reduce design cycles resulting in lowered cost and increased product quality.

CAE engineers and designers are using HPC systems to test the robustness and performance of assemblies and their components. Users of high performance systems are realizing two major benefits of CAE application: Reduction of the amount of time to complete a design, and the production of more reliable products thus reducing warranty cost.

HPC systems are a necessary tool to simulate, validate the design and, using the data obtained, to optimize the design. Managers use the output to assist in decision making and production plans. In all 3 phases of the design process, (pre-processing, analysis and post processing) HPC systems can speed up and help a design team and management make the informed decisions before production begins.

Computer Aided Engineering
The trend in CAE is scalability. Designers are moving away from a system with a dozens of processors to having multiple systems running one or two processors and clustering them together. The heat given off from multiple processors (thermal radiation) can be a limiting factor in the speed of processors so users are opting to add more cores to a cluster splitting workload across multiple servers. This approach is made possible with low latency interconnects between the servers.

NSG's HP solutions utilize interconnects that don't offload communications to the processor thereby increasing the bandwidth of the data streams. Special planning is required in the areas of bandwidth, processor type and memory due to unique requirements of CAE. NordStar will work with you and your ISV to ensure the best system that brings value to your organization.

NordStar's solutions are based on tier one manufacturers like Hewlett Packard and Hitachi. We can design a system for you that offer the best value for your budget.