XISS Manages Services
XISS Manages Services

NSG’s Managed Service programs provide you with the management of your HPC system, saving you the expense of additional IT staffing. NSG also offers optimization and heath check services to tune up your current system allowing you to get the most out of your system(s).

Support before, during and after the sales is as important as selecting the right HPC solution for your company. NSG can assist you in all phases of design, implementation and operation of your HPC system.

NordStar Group has the expertise and knowledge required for the full range of management services.

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HPC Managed
HPC Managed
• Job Submission Assistance
• Alerts Monitoring
• Maintenance and Administration Fixed Cost
• Reduced Cluster IT Staffing

An HPC cluster is a dedicated system that will require a systems manager when deployed. While you may have an IT person on staff, that person may not be trained in cluster maintenance and management. Engineers and developers need to be able to concentrate on their work, not managing an HPC system. It’s important to have a fully optimized system to ensure uptime and maximum availability.

NSG offers management solutions customized to your requirements to make sure your cluster operates at its peak efficiency. Below are some of the services we offer.
Project HPC
Project HPC
• HPC Needs Assessment
• Solution Design
• Cluster Support and Maintenance
• Staff Training and Support

Project HPC is an excellent starting point if you are looking to install a cluster.

Our staff can help determine and design a cluster to meet your needs. We will work with you and your team to design, configure and implement the right system while remaining cognizant of your budget constraints.
HPC Decision
HPC Decision
• Live Dashboard
• Historical data
• Real Time Reports
• Usage and Cost Projections
  Charge Back Reporting

Managing an HPC system presents challenges such as poor optimization, inaccurate resource forecasting and getting real time resource information. NSG has the expertise to help you resolve these issues.

NSG can assist you with a system that will provide real-time monitoring in a live dashboard. The system will also gather information on the usage and operation of your system providing historical and real-time data. Data captured can be used for projections, ROI calculations and department chargebacks.

Why NordStar HPC?

Why NordStar HPC?

NordStar has the knowledge of cluster components and how they work together to provide a complete system. You want a company with the knowledge to properly design and configure the entire system with the experience of having done it before. NSG and its partners can design and implement a system that will perform and exceed your expectations. All of our systems will be built, configured and tested before they leave our facility. NordStar can also provide on-site installation or ship the system to you for the final set up by your staff.

We offer solutions for a wide range of markets from finance and big data to engineering and design while remaining focused on the 2 – 64 node cluster market segment. NSG works with a number of the leading hardware and software providers to offer you the best solution to meet your needs while helping you to meet your budgetary constraints. Focusing on the small to midsized cluster market allows us to maximize our knowledge and experience advantages to provide you with the correct system that will not only meet, but exceed your requirements.

NordStar HPC can work with you and your software developers to design and implement a business analytics system your specifications while ensuring you get the best value for your investment.