Oil and Gas
Oil and Gas

The exploration and production of natural resources by companies both large and small is a significant driver of HPC systems in the industry. Exploration and production companies use high performance computing to interpret seismic data to locate new deposits and calculate the yield of the field. Engineers and designers use clusters for modeling, design and collaboration of plant and production design automation.

High performance computing has been available to only the largest E&P companies in the past due to cost constraints. Technology advances and lower entry cost now allow small to mid-size companies to have access to cluster technology. These companies can now invest a modest amount for a 2 – 64 node cluster with very high performance allowing them to compete on a higher level. NSG’s offering of small to midsize clusters can help you achieve that goal.

• Geophysical
• Visualization
• Image analysis

Oil and gas exploration begins with the seismic surveying process. E&P companies use HPC systems to find new reserves of hydrocarbons by creating models from seismic data. Utilizing high performance computer systems, these models are created with ever increasing detail to produce high resolution subsurface maps of potential oil fields.

NordStar will work with you to design and provide a cluster solution that will assist exploration companies with these needs.
Reservoir Simulation
• Oil Field Modeling
• Economic Valuation

Reservoir simulation is a tool used to measure how much oil and gas can be produced from a field over a period of time. One major constraint has been the time required to create these complex simulations. HPC systems minimize the time in processing massive amounts of data and performing the simulations.

NordStar can design a solution to maximize the value of your system regardless of your company size.
Visualization Collaboration
• 3d Visualization
• Rendering
• Data Management

Increased success and efficiency in exploration and production have been due to 3D visualization. A robust system that incorporates computing, rendering and data management is a basic requirement for an effective visualization tool. HPC Cluster technology provides this tool.

A cluster based on the HP SL250 is the ideal platform for this type of system.

Why NordStar HPC?

Why NordStar HPC?

NordStar has the knowledge of cluster components and how they work together to provide a complete system. You want a company with the knowledge to properly design and configure the entire system with the experience of having done it before. NSG and its partners can design and implement a system that will perform and exceed your expectations. All of our systems will be built, configured and tested before they leave our facility. NordStar can also provide on-site installation or ship the system to you for the final set up by your staff.

We offer solutions for a wide range of markets from finance and big data to engineering and design while remaining focused on the 2 – 64 node cluster market segment. NSG works with a number of the leading hardware and software providers to offer you the best solution to meet your needs while helping you to meet your budgetary constraints. Focusing on the small to midsized cluster market allows us to maximize our knowledge and experience advantages to provide you with the correct system that will not only meet, but exceed your requirements.

NordStar HPC can work with you and your software developers to design and implement a business analytics system your specifications while ensuring you get the best value for your investment.